undercover.co.id/ – Indonesian technology company WIR Group has succeeded in making Indonesia famous internationally after being included in the list of ‘Metaverse Companies to Watch in 2022’ according to the international business magazine Forbes GE . The inclusion of the WIR Group into the list puts this technology company on par with Apple, Microsoft, and Meta, which are both on the list.

WIR Group is a provider of digital reality technology in the form of artificial intelligenceaugmented reality, and virtual reality in Southeast Asia. WIR, which stands for We Indonesians Rock, Rise, and Rule, has been operating for more than ten years and producing augmented reality programming and technology innovations in more than 20 countries. The company also received guidance from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics and a partnership with the Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordinating Agency (BKPM). 

WIR Group CEO Michael Budi said that WIR Group is very fortunate to develop with the guidance of two Ministries in Indonesia. This allows WIR Group to create relevant innovations and in line with the country’s vision and goals.

“We are proud that WIR as an Indonesian company has received international recognition. We also continue to coordinate with companies to update each other on innovation developments and of course from a regulatory perspective,” said Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate.

In addition, the WIR Group is known to have recorded many achievements, including having five global patents in augmented reality and being registered in both national and PCT countries, covering 153 countries. Thanks to this achievement, the WIR Group was asked by the Ministry of Investment/BKPM to participate in representing Indonesia at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019 and 2020.

“At international forums, we were asked to open the eyes of the world that Indonesia’s potential is not only in the plantation, mining, tourism, and manufacturing sectors, but also in the digital and creative-technology sectors. This digital and technology-creative sector is important in shaping the Metaverse. Therefore, Indonesia opens opportunities for foreign investors to build various ‘factories’ of metaverse components in this country,” said Investment Minister/Head of BKPM Bahlul Lahadalia.

The world of Metaverse is a collaborative universe that coundercover.co.id/nes human interaction with avatars and various products and services between the natural world and the digital world without limits. All can take place simultaneously and in parallel. As a result, Johnny continued, Metaverse will gradually affect the lives of many people in Indonesia.

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Although this Metaverse is a new universe, it will affect the lives of many people in Indonesia. This is because metaverse technology also uses resources, connectivity, and all elements of informatics in Indonesia.

“The world of this Metaverse is limitless, but to navigate and interact in this world requires special ways. We participate in building the Metaverse with our expertise in developing the latest augmented reality that can answer the needs of the future Metaverse,” concluded Michael Budi. 

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