Yourtee Offers Clothing Designs According to Customers’ Desires

Even though the activity is centered at home, it turns out that people still feel the need to look stylish and attractive. In fact, spending on shopping for fashion products online has not stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This trend of shopping for fashion products has encouraged many business actors to adapt, from initially marketing shopping offline, to switching to online platforms. One of them is Yourtee, a local brand that has consistently served online customers in the midst of a pandemic.

The owner of the Yourtee brand, Jennifer, said, Yourtee is a  clothing brand  from Bandung that meets the needs of  basic wear , such as plain t-shirts and  streetwear  suitable for millennial children.

Jennifer continued, the younger generation is more comfortable shopping online, because most of them prefer to use their time to do other activities rather than having to come to the store. “The Yourtee team continues to serve online and prepare orders from Yourtee customers during the pandemic,” he said.

Interestingly, Yourtee offers a custom clothing concept   , so customers can express themselves. Because, in addition to being able to design according to their wishes, the clothes they wear will be different and seem exclusive.

Jennifer said, by carrying the tagline “be you, be free” , Yourtee asked its customers to be as creative as possible in creating or creating designs that match the customer’s wishes.

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“The process that is printed on clothes is exactly what they want. And all  customers  have the right to choose the design they want. Our job is to make sure the desired design is implemented properly,” said Jennifer.

In order to fulfill the wishes of customers who cannot make designs, every month Yourtee prepares many models that are relevant to current market conditions and trends.

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