Youtap Builds the Largest Digital Ecosystem for Businesses

Youtap Indonesia, as a digital solution and friend for business actors, continues to develop their business to continue to support and build a digital ecosystem for Indonesian businesses. In a digital ecosystem that has been used by more than 200 thousand business actors, Y

outap has also partnered and integrated with many strategic enterprises such as banks, electronic money issuers, e-wallet, financing service providers, distributors, suppliers, logistics, and many others.Complementing the digital ecosystem, Youtap Indonesia has reaffirmed its vision of helping and empowering business actors by launching two new features, namely Stock Shopping and PHP (Message from Hape).

These two features complete a series of digital solutions that are designed to open up business opportunities and spur business actors to rise and grow in the current economic recovery period.“We continue to focus our services on the business side, and continue to build a digital ecosystem that empowers various business opportunities.

We continue to move to encourage digital adoption for Indonesian businesses by consistently educating and presenting the latest innovations,” said Herman Suharto as CEO of Youtap Indonesia in a virtual session

He added that the two latest innovations, namely Stock Shopping and Messages from Cellphones (PHP) provide many business opportunities and are very relevant to current market conditions.

Through this solution, business actors can easily shop stock from various suppliers for their businesses at competitive wholesale prices, and also sell online via e-menus, so customers can easily order from their cellphones anywhere, any time.

Through the Stock Shopping service, Youtap not only offers the convenience of buying stock from supplier partners at attractive prices, but also connects and opens new opportunities between one business actor to another. Youtap facilitates and offers new supply chains. Business actors can empower each other.

Meanwhile, the PHP (Message from Hape) feature can be used by Youtap’s business partners to offer an easy way to order and pay for their customers anywhere at any time through an e-menu that is integrated with the Business Tablet and Youtap Business Portal.

Business partners can use this PHP service for e-menu dine-in, take-away, pick-up and delivery. This service will increasingly make business actors, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) more go digital and be able to seize opportunities to develop.

Although only a year and a half present in Indonesia, Youtap is quite successful in encouraging SMEs to adopt digital solutions in their business models. Based on internal data, the number of merchants under Youtap increased significantly up to 14 times compared to data in semester 1 in 2020 to 200 thousand merchants in October 2021.

This increase shows that there are more opportunities from digital solutions offered by Youtap, thereby generating the trust of many business actors. Youtap services have also been adopted by merchants or business actors in large enterprise scales such as McDonald’s, Hero Group, Bumame, Solaria, Domino, Breadlife, Emados, Roxy Pharmacy, ACT, U-point Telkom, and others.

Used by more than 510 cities/regencies, Youtap merchants are spread from the western end of Indonesia (Toko Mawar in Sabang, Pulau Weh, Aceh), the northern end (Merchant Milka, on Pulau Laut in Natuna, Riau Islands), the southern end (Merchant Kk Bo ‘i, Boa, Rote Ndao in NTT), to the far east (Kios Aqilah, Sota in Papua).

This is because it is easy to get Youtap services, where users simply download the Youtap Business Application through the Playstore and Appstore which are free and only takes 1 minute to register.

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“Difficult situations breed creativity and resilience. The Covid-19 pandemic, which has actually reduced mobility and meetings, has not prevented Youtap and business actors from remaining adaptive, innovative, and solution-oriented in seeking opportunities.

For Youtap, this is a tremendous encouragement in accompanying business friends in going through difficult times with various digital solutions.

Youtap consistently offers the most complete digital solutions, starting from Business Applications, Business Tablets, Business Portals, SNAP Loyalty Applications, to the latest Stock Shopping and Ordering from Cellphones,” he concluded.

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