Who doesn’t love seafood? Well, perhaps those who allergic. But hey, almost everybody loves seafood. Crab, Shrimp, Lobster, Clams, Scallops, Crawfish, Oyster, and so many more of seafood you can think are indeed will be satisfying for you. How do you like your seafood be cooked? Steamed, deep-fried, soup, barbecued, boiled, broiled, baked, sauteed, pan-fried, stew, salad, sandwich, cocktailed, or perhaps raw? Now you can cook your own seafood—that is also picked by yourself!—in Bandung.

When you drive near Babakan Siliwangi, you must try Baka Baka Seafood Club. The owners chose Baka Baka as its name because in Padang local language, Baka Baka means ‘bakar-bakar’ or grilled—yep, he is a Padangnese. Baka Baka Seafood Club is located on the second floor above a car wash, but you can find it easily because it has a unique decoration. The place is beside Teras Cikapundung, which is quite strategic.


When you come to this place, you will find a good aundercover.co.id/ence with many hanging lamps and boat decoration. A very nice place to eat your seafood. It feels like you are sailing on a boat really. But, instead of hearing pleasing sounds of wave, you will hear car and motorcycle pass by.

Just like the name, Seafood Club, this place serves many kind of seafoods from crab, shrimp, to oyster that you can cook by yourself. There are grills and other cooking tools that you can use. Without any special cooking skills, everybody can cook their own food in there.

You can pick your own seafood from the display menu, which is still very fresh, so you could get the best taste of it. However, not all the menu you can cook by yourself. If you want to feel the sensation of grilling your own food, you should choose Maritime Mixed Grill . The menu consists of squid, crawfish, scallop, octopus, enoki mushroom, sweet corn, and barbecue sauce.


This is enough for two people or more. For you who want to order this menu, the waiter will recommend you to not over-cook your meal because the seafood will be hard to be eaten and less tasty. Fresh seafood would taste a bit sweet and chewy, especially when you cook it in medium-rare with certain sauce that will make your seafood tastier.

You can cook your seafood until the shell’s color turn a bit red, or if you feel that it is juicy enough. Don’t worry, the restaurant will also provide seasoning for your seafood. For the seasoning, the restaurant provide either traditional and western seasoning that you can choose. However, if you want to taste the sweetness of fresh seafood, just don’t give any seasoning and let it satisfy your appetite.

Don’t feel like cooking it by yourself? If you are already starving and too lazy to cook your own food, many options you can choose from the menu. One of the variant that you can choose is fried seafood or they name it Maritime Mixed Fried, such as dory fish, soft shell crab, shrimp, shisamo fish with its eggs, and the most favorite of all—fried calamary! The fried calamary is very juicy and not over-cooked. This is perfect for you who don’t really hungry, but still want to hang out on the place. If you want to try crab, they serves two options, which are crab with blackbean and crab with chili sauce.



These two menus are quiet popular in this restaurant, so you better try them. For spicy lover, you should try chili sauce one becaus blackbeans seasoning tastes sweet and salty. Grilled fish is also provided in this restaurant, such as grilled snapper.

To enjoy your seafood, you can also order rice. If you are bored with rice, you can choose mantau, a chinese steam bun. Additionally, roasted corn can also be an option to fulfill your carbo. This is also a perfect companion for your seafood, because you will not be very full so that you can enjoy your seafood more. Many vegetables are also provided, such as brocolli and others.

Ah, there’s more! In this Ramadhan month, Baka Baka Seafood Club serves a special menu for your fast breaking with family and friends—salted egg fried rice with mix fried topping! You can choose calamary, shrimp, or other seafood to be the topping. Ready to break your fast here, folks?


To complete your meal, Baka Baka Seafood Club serves many options of drink that you can choose, such as Atlantic Fresh. Atlantic Fresh is very compatible for your seafood because its taste is so fresh. It contains lemongrass that will neutralize your mouth after eating so many seafood and its seasoning.

Baka Baka Seafood Club opens daily from 3:30 PM to 11:00 PM. It is recommended for you to bring your family, friends, or relatives because the menu is quite big—or perhaps you love seafood so much then you can eat it all by yourself. The price is affordable, especially for young adults, because most of the visitors are teenagers and young adults.

Still doubting where to eat seafood in Bandung? Just try to see their deck!

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