undercover.co.id -Creative Industries , This creative industry is closely related to business or businesses that involve out of the box thinking .

Currently, the creative industry is increasingly being carried out by various groups, including the Indonesian government.


The creative industry can be considered as driving the wheels of the country’s economy as well as being a place of expression for many people.

Well, to understand what the creative industry is more clearly, let’s first discuss the meaning of the creative industry.

Understanding Creative Industries

Creative industry is a variety of economic activities that are produced from the fruit of thought or ideas based on the talents, skills and creativity of each individual.

So, it can be said that it is not only products that are physically present that can be considered as a product of the creative industry.

However, products such as services can be said to be the result of the creative industry as long as they have a role in the movement of the economy.

Industry in this creative field is very dependent on the quality of a human resource, because the results of creative thinking can only emerge from individuals who have reason and the ability to reason.

That is why when you enter the creative industry, you will meet various intelligent individuals who have great skills and bright ideas.

Because it is related to this creativity, a creative industry must always be demanded to be innovative without compromising the functionality of its products.

Types of Creative Industries and Examples

Creative industries are classified into several types and can be said to be quite varied.

Of these types, you can develop it into a variety of businesses.

Let’s discuss one by one, what are the types of these creative industries.

  1. Advertising
    The advertising industry , of course, falls into a sub-category of the creative industry because to make engaging ads , producers need brilliant ideas.

Take for example the advertisement from Ramayana, a clothing store that is quite famous in Indonesia, which was made for promotion during Eid in 2018.

Produced by Dimas Djayadiningrat, the advertisement is packaged brilliantly without forgetting the element of affordable clothing prices at Ramayana.

The process of producing advertisements that make an impression on the minds of the people is not easy. The producer must go through a brainstorming process.

  1. Crafts
    Creating a craft is not just about shaping. The process from the beginning so that the creation of a craft is quite long.

Starting from the issue of the surrounding environment, then brought into thought so as to give birth to a work that is useful and also has a selling value.

Not infrequently, the goods produced by these skilled hands have their own philosophical value which is also not less selling.

  1. Architecture
    Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash
    Exact science combined with creative ideas will produce a design for any house or building.

This is why the results of architectural designs can also be called masterpieces, because the architect pours out his creative ideas while wondering whether the idea will remain functional.

The involvement of elements of creative ideas is what finally makes architecture into the sub-category of creative industries.

  1. Performing Arts
    Performing arts itself is a reflection of how creativity, taste and intention can be formed into something that can be enjoyed by humans.

Being entertaining does not mean that performing arts is a trivial thing to drive the economy.

In fact, for areas that rely on tourism, they are usually quite dependent on this art performance.

  1. Interactive Software
    This interactive software is not only a means of entertainment. The function of interactive software can also be extended to educational facilities.

To create an educational software, of course the developer or developer must pour out his creative ideas so that the software not only functions well, but is also interesting.

To understand why software developers can be considered as having a stake in this industry, you can read an article about UI/UX designers .

  1. Movies and Videos
    The film and video-making industry is a place for creative ideas for content creators and film producers.

Films and videos can be used as educational media and can also support other sectors, you know.

Take for example how film production in a place can turn it into a place for tourism, support the surrounding MSMEs and others.

  1. Music
    Creating music can make it a place of expression as well as a medium for promoting a country.

Such as South Korea, America and Japan where the music industry is advanced and can penetrate the international market.

Not infrequently also Indonesian artists began to go international such as Afgan and Agnez Mo, helping Indonesia in turning the wheels of the economy with music.

  1. Fashion Designer
    Beautiful and attractive clothes are the brainchild of brilliant designers. From a shirt, there is a message and a story.

Without the talent and creative ideas and innovations of fashion designers, the style of dress will be just like that.

Fashion performances will also taste bland if the work produced does not have an element of creativity in it.

  1. Publishing/Printing
    The printing business also takes part in the running of a creative industry. Say Gramedia, AG Publishing, and others.

You can find books that contain the results of individual and group thoughts in a printing business.

Without printing efforts to spread brilliant ideas from certain individuals or groups will certainly be a bit hampered.

  1. Gaming

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash
Gaming is not just playing, but also enjoying walk-throughs and interesting storylines to play.

There are times when the game can also stimulate the thoughts of the people who play it and also make the circle of friends widen.

It can be said that the creative industry of gaming can be obtained from the side of the game maker and from the player’s side.

  1. Television
    Television also plays a role in shaping the viewer’s thinking.

In addition, television programs are a place for people with bright ideas who want to entertain and educate the public at the same time.

  1. Art and Antique Products
    Antique and artistic products certainly cannot be separated from the type of business from the creative industry.

Many artists pour their hearts and minds into art, including appreciating antiques.

Items of high artistic value, of course, will produce high values ​​as well.

  1. Radio
    Like radio television, it can be used as a means of creative industry.

From playing music to making light and heavy talk segments, this can be done through radio broadcasts.

  1. Design
    Graphic and visual design is definitely included, there’s no one who isn’t creative here.

As designers, they are required to always innovate to create a design that is functional and can be enjoyed by the results.


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  1. Culinary
    Food can be used as a medium for expressing creativity. An example of the application of this industry to the culinary world is fine dining 71st Omakase.

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