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Kopi Kenangan Inaugurates the First Eco-Friendly Outlet in Indonesia That Takes Advantage of the Sun’s Heat


In celebration of World Environment Day, Kopi Kenangan launched its first solar panel outlet in Indonesia. In collaboration with Grab and SUNterra, this Kopi Kenangan solar panel outlet uses solar power as renewable energy for its coffee production process.

Located at RC Veteran Bintaro, south Jakarta, this eco-friendly outlet uses 18 solar panel modules to convert solar energy into electric current used for coffee machines. The opening of this outlet is a synergistic innovation in supporting environmentally friendly industrial activities in Indonesia.

“The presence of the new Kopi Kenangan RC Veteran outlet is a form of our collaboration with Grab and SUNterra to support industrial processes in Indonesia that are more environmentally friendly. Hopefully, this innovation can be a motivation for us and other industry players to continue to contribute to efforts to utilize alternative energy, especially solar energy,” explained Edward Tirnata, CEO and Co-Founder of Kopi Kenangan in a written statement from Kopi Kenangan.

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Kopi Kenangan

In this collaboration, Grab also contributes to the presence of RC Veteran outlets through the promotion of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle for consumers. Through the #LangkahHijau initiative, Grab continues its commitment to support sustainable lifestyles in Indonesian society.

“Technology can contribute to a sustainable impact on the economy and the environment. Therefore, Grab fully supports the presence of this solar panel outlet so that more and more Indonesians are interested in adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle,” explained Iki Sari Dewi, Director of Jabodetabek Grab Indonesia in the same statement.

The presence of RC Veteran outlets that apply solar panels shows that more and more brands are starting to become aware of the condition of environmental sustainability. As a provider of digital-based solar panels for the residential, social and commercial sectors in Indonesia, SUNterra supports and appreciates Kopi Kenangan’s move to switch to clean and renewable energy. This innovation is in line with SUNterra’s mission to increase access to solar energy utilization in all industries in Indonesia.

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    The use of solar energy as a source of electrical energy in the production process is a form of contribution in reducing the impact of climate change. It is hoped that the presence of the Kopi Kenangan solar panel outlet can inspire other companies and industries to immediately switch to using sustainable clean energy.

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