Google Maps Ready to Present Toll Price Estimates and More Detailed Maps – Google Maps brings a new version with a feature that can see estimated toll prices and more details on the map, such as stop lights and stop signs. Google is also adding updates to iOS, including an embeddable travel widget and the option to get directions on Google Maps right from your Apple Watch.

Reporting from TechCrunch , the company says they are adding toll prices on Google Maps for the first time to make it easier for users to choose between taking the toll road or the regular road. Users will see an estimated toll price to their destination before starting to navigate.

“The toll prices listed will be in accordance with the local toll authorities. We look at factors such as the cost of using a toll card or other payment method, what day of the week, and how much the estimated toll fee will be at any given time a user will pass it,” Google said in a blog post .

Google considers that users will still have the option not to see routes with toll roads through the application settings. The feature will begin rolling out on Android and iOS for nearly 2,000 toll roads in the United States, India, Indonesia and Japan this month. In the future, Google plans to add another list of countries.

Additionally, Google has also added new details to the app’s navigation experience to reduce confusion when crossing unfamiliar roads by adding traffic lights and stop signs. Users will later see other details such as the outline of the building and a description of the type of place.

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Google Maps

In some cities, users will see more detail, such as the shape and width of roads, including medians and islands. New navigation maps will begin rolling out to select countries in the coming weeks on Android, iOS, Android Auto, and CarPlay.

Users of Google Maps for Apple devices also get some new features. In the coming weeks, there will be a new widget for the iOS app that will allow users to access trips pinned to their Go tab .

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    Apple Watch’s Google Maps app provides directions to Google Maps shortcuts to places like home and work by simply tapping the shortcut on your watch. Previously, users needed to start the journey from the iOS app. This feature will also be available in the next few weeks

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