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What is Digital Marketing and Online Business?

The first thing you should know is what is digital marketing and online business? are they the same or are they different? Well, online business is actually bigger than digital marketing. So digital marketing is part of the online business itself.
Online businesses are usually focused on the management and procurement of goods.


Usually, business people will think about what products are needed, then they will make or procure goods. Because this business is online, this business must be done digitally. Therefore, digital marketing is very necessary in online business as a marketing method that uses digital.

How to Build an Online Business with Digital Marketing?

After knowing the difference between an online business and digital marketing, you can use this digital marketing to build the online business that you are currently living. Here are some steps to build an online business with digital marketing:

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Learn Digital Marketing

Target Market and Products

Before going further on using digital as your marketing strategy, you have to make sure who your target market or people are in doing business. Because not a few people think that this business starts from a product, even though you have to determine your target market first.

After you determine the target market for your online business, then you can determine what products you will sell. In doing business, you have to make sure that the product you are going to sell is selling well and can serve many people. You can use google trends for market research. So you can find out what products or services are trending from the search engine in a certain period. With the target market that you have set, then you can easily find out how big your target market is for a particular product or service.

Distribution Place

After you get the product or service that you are going to sell, then the next step is to determine the place of distribution. To simplify and expedite the delivery of goods or services, advertisements are usually used through magazines, newspapers, and TV. But of course you have to have a lot of money. In addition, using advertisements in these media is also not necessarily in accordance with your target market.

In today’s digital era, people are more active on social media. Therefore, a digital marketing strategy that can be utilized is distribution on social media. In deciding a product or service, nowadays most people receive information from social media, for example by doing a search on Google or sending a promotion via WhatsApp to click a link into a landing page or advertising page.

By utilizing digital media you can easily provide information to your consumers. Make sure the digital media you choose can reach thousands or even millions of people who match your target market. This is one of the advantages of distributing your online business through digital marketing, the target market is right. Because by utilizing this digital media you can determine the demographics, age, profession, and gender according to your target market. Even though there is a post rate, it can be customized with a certain budget and is relatively cheaper.


The next thing you need to bridge between the target market and the product is through content. Some of the functions of this content are branding to tell your target market about the goods or services you sell and how they differ from competing businesses.

Other functions are as a promotional media, advertising in digital media, notifying discounts, sales media, customer service, interacting with the target market and as a means to review our goods or services for a predetermined target market.

This content relates to the types of digital marketing that you need to know, including the following.

• Company Website

Company website is a website that is used to brand the products or services of your business. On this website you can also display the profile of your business so that your business looks more professional for your target market. Here you can explain the products or services you have in detail, clear specifications, comparisons with similar products or services, relevant videos, reviews, testimonials, how to buy up to product prices

or services you sell. By optimizing this website, you no longer need to distribute flyers and brochures one by one. Because you can easily share a website link that you have so that you build branding faster, promote more effectively and sell more.

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to support the website that you have created. With the help of this SEO, you can optimize your website by writing keywords that are expected to reach internet users to get to know the product or service you are running. You can also use google analytics to find out what content visitors see, so with these SEO tips it is hoped that it can help reach internet users to get to know the business you are running.

• Social Media Marketing

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tiktok, YouTube and so on were originally used as entertainment and communication. Now in this digital era, social media can also be used to market and even sell your product or business. With this social media, now product marketing is no longer limited by distance and time. You can reach anyone, anytime, and anywhere. So that it does not hinder to communicate with anyone and anywhere.

• Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a way to promote a business through digital advertising. This digital advertising utilizes a number of media such as e-mail, smartphone applications and affiliate programs.

You can choose which platform suits your business, because a business has its own target, so you can use any or even all media for your business. After that make the order of content that you will create. For example, through advertising, then lists, education, then landing pages on the website, and the products are sold.

Well, those are some ways to learn digital marketing to build an online business for beginners. However, using digital marketing requires knowledge or even special skills that you must master. For example, in creating content on a website, if you don’t have this ability, you can use freelance services to help you.

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