MODENA strengthens its positioning as a home appliances pioneer by launching the MODENA Kitchen Solutions service. This innovation is a solution presented by MODENA for customers to be able to realize their dream kitchen more easily.

Departing from a vision to become the ultimate solution for kitchens and homes, MODENA listens to the needs of its customers. Presenting MODENA Kitchen Solutions, MODENA will fulfill the entire process of building a customer’s dream kitchen from consultation to installation.



This innovation was born because of the company’s performance during the pandemic. During the pandemic, MODENA experienced an increase in sales, especially in the cooking category . Many customers decide to renovate or buy a kitchen set so that the demand is quite high.

“With the presence of this one-stop-shop solution , MODENA Kitchen Solutions provides convenience from design design, production of goods to installation in one service,” said Tommy Pratomo, as Head of Corporate Communications & Partnership MODENA at the launch of MODENA Kitchen Solutions which was held in Jakarta

In presenting the MODENA Kitchen Solutions service, MODENA collaborates with a number of interior designers to be able to fulfill various customer desires in a more personalized manner . In contrast to design services in general, MODENA not only prioritizes aesthetic values ​​but also emphasizes functional values ​​so that customers can consult in selecting tools or products to suit their kitchen needs. 

Selain bekerja sama dengan interior designer dalam layanan konsultasi, MODENA juga bekerja sama dengan berbagai industri atau vendor lokal untuk proses produksi alat atau produk. MODENA Kitchen Solutions mengawasi seluruh alur produksi agar produk yang dihasilkan dan instalasi yang dilakukan sesuai dengan standar operasional. Hal ini menjadi bentuk dukungan MODENA dalam membantu pemulihan ekonomi pelaku industri di Indonesia.  

Untuk menikmati layanan MODENA Kitchen Solutions, pelanggan dapat mengunjungi website MODENA di atau datang langsung ke MODENA Experience Center. Pelanggan akan dilayani oleh sales designer dan sales consultant untuk berkonsultasi atau berdiskusi mengenai dapur impian mereka.

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    Through this service, the concept of a customer’s dream kitchen will be personalized based on their needs and desires, starting from the concept, materials used, color selection, to the functions and home appliances products that will be placed in the customer’s kitchen.

    “The presence of MODENA Kitchen Solutions is expected to further meet customer needs. More than that, we want to provide a platform for consumer creativity in building a dream kitchen,” concluded Tomy.

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