Ninja Direct SME solution , Ninja Direct from Ninja Xpress is a new solution for SMEs to buy raw materials from abroad

Micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have a new solution in bringing in raw materials for production from abroad through Ninja Direct. This service is presented by delivery service company Ninja Xpress to ease the burden on SMEs, especially in the process of procuring raw materials.


Ninja Direct delivery service is here to help business owners and SMEs, considering a number of problems that arise in the field. Based on research from Ninja Xpress and DPD Group, only 28% of respondents, namely SMEs, have the experience of shopping for raw materials in a transparent and easy way.

“There are four common obstacles faced by SMEs when looking for and buying raw materials from providers from other countries. These difficulties are language, limited quality suppliers, obstacles in tracking delivery packages, and regulation of cross-border transactions,” said Ninja Xpress CMO Andi Djoewarsa in a virtual press conference session with the media crew on Tuesday (24/5/2022).

Andi emphasized that Ninja Direct also provides solutions to provide a better experience for SMEs in shopping for raw materials. In addition to providing delivery services through their warehouse facilities in Thailand and China, Ninja Direct is also able to be a bridge in completing purchases to finding reliable suppliers.

Ninja Xpress opens this service to facilitate end-to-end SME transactions of various scales, including in terms of quantity. Delivery of raw materials through Ninja Direct services can be done with a minimum weight of 1 kilogram by air. Meanwhile, shipping by ship requires at least 1 cubic meter.

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Ninja Direct

“We guarantee that the process of shipping by air takes five to seven days to reach the customer. If the shipment is made by sea transportation, it will take 30-40 days. The whole process depends on the implementation of regulations such as Customs and Excise,” said Head of Ninja Direct Ninja Xpress Andhi Thaurik to the media crew.

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    Ninja Direct delivery service also provides customized packaging solutions according to the request of SME business owners. This packaging or value added service is carried out by Ninja Xpress staff in their warehouse facilities. This can be done to provide peace for buyers or SMEs from Indonesia regarding the condition of the goods they buy.

    The SME players are one of the customer segments that get special attention from Ninja Xpress in the country. Since operating from 2019, Ninja Xpress said it has helped more than 2,000 SMEs in delivering goods for various needs throughout Indonesia

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