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Uqwo – Rans Entertainment announced their latest project related to the metaverse called “RansVerse”. For this project, the company created by Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina collaborated with Shinta VR to develop the various elements needed.

The choice of Shinta VR seems inseparable from the role of this immersive technology company in the development of metaverse technology in Indonesia. They even claim to be one of the pioneers in developing innovative technology.

“RansVerse is the gateway for Indonesia to introduce metaverse technology to the wider community. And, built with the spirit of collaboration and supported by technology derived from the results of Shinta VR’s in-depth research. We are optimistic that we can have a positive impact on accelerating the use of metaverse technology in various industrial sectors,” said Founder and Managing Director of Shinta VR Andes Rizy.

Armed with experience since 2006 in various augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) projects, Shinta VR is optimistic that it will be able to contribute to educating people in Indonesia.

“Through RansVerse, we want to open up the metaverse business opportunity and educate the market that Indonesia is ready to develop the potential of this industry even further. Going forward, Shinta VR will continue to play a role in driving the development of the metaverse by providing the technology backbone needed, through our various service innovations and immersive technology products.” continued the Andes.

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Rans Entertainment

Over the past six years, Shinta VR has worked with more than 120 national and international clients with a reach in more than 12 countries. Their industrial reach is also diverse. Starting from handling several industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas , property, healthcare, market research , job training centers, educational institutions, government, and so on.

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    Some of their flagship projects include Millealab, SpaceCollab, and Virtual Youtuber. Through Millealab, the company is also committed to helping the education sector through the use of VR in teaching and learning activities and expanding its impact through the VR Warrior program, which is designed to serve as VR Ambassadors for educators who are members of Millealab .

    This collaboration is the beginning of our journey in the metaverse world , and we hope that RansVerse can have a positive impact on the Indonesian people, especially seeing Shinta VR’s proven track record in the metaverse realm through its projects,” said Raffi Ahmad.

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