How to Increase Brand Recognition in 2022 – Increase Brand Recognition , There are hundreds of brands that most people on this planet are aware of. Think Coca-Cola, Audi, Hilton Hotels, or Apple phones.


These brands we recognize without even reading the text by their logos because they’ve built up brand recognition over many decades.

That recognition drives trust, customer relationships, and sales. You may be starting some way off the heights of the above brands, but there are ways to increase your brand’s recognition too.

Here are some examples that’ll drive visibility and recognition for your brand over the coming year.

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Increase Brand Recognition by logo

Promotional Branding

Whenever you head out as a business to a conference or exposition, you should be bringing banners, leaflets, TV showreels, and other branded items that you can put around your stall.

When you’re selling in a town center, your workers should be in branded uniform.

When you’re marketing online, your brand should be prominent in all of the content you’re kicking out there.

The reason for this is simple: you’re looking to have your brand seen by as many eyeballs as possible.


Don’t be shy: this is the technique that all the biggest brands use. Just consider how often, for instance, a Coca-Cola brand is thrust in front of you each day – even if you never drink the stuff.

Getting promotional branding out there is the single most effective way of increasing recognition.

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Increase Brand Recognition

Guest Posting

On the internet, there are countless blogs – millions, if not billions of web pages that host content curated by a company or an individual. Some of these are read by hundreds of thousands of people per day.

Having your brand mentioned in these posts can have a huge impact on your brand recognition, even though this time around it won’t be the visual recognition of your logo but the textual recognition of your name.

Guest posting is how you’ll get noticed across these channels. Link up with a guest posting service in order to start having articles written that include information on your brand and business. The more of these you put out there, the more you’ll get recognized across the web.

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Increase Brand Recognition


Finally, have you ever considered why brands sponsor football shirts, stadiums, shopping malls and so much more?

It’s because these brands are trying to associate with fun, excitement, athletics, vitality, and plenty more positive and aspirational feelings.

Sponsoring plays a huge part in brand recognition – so much so that you’ll enjoy a boost in traffic when you sponsor a large event.

Consider where it might be best for your brand to be seen. If you’re selling sportswear, it’s obvious that a sporting event or team is the best bet for sponsorship.

If you’re selling soft drinks, perhaps a gig or a festival would work for your firm. If you’re unsure how to get started with a sponsorship contract, read handy guides online – or partner with a consultant who knows how these partnerships work.

These three tips are designed for those companies looking to increase their brand recognition across this new year – an asset that results in higher sales and bigger profits.


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