Increase Sales Turnover With WhatsApp

P9IS -Sales Turnover With WhatsApp , Various social media platforms can be used to market to sell a product. You can use one or even all social media platforms to increase sales turnover, one of which is through WhatsApp Marketing.


One of the advantages of using WhatsApp is that there are no algorithmic bottlenecks like for example on Facebook. Algorithms are a kind of factors that are regulated by Facebook which if violated will make the spread of posts made not optimal.

If content has been prepared as a cool promotional status, but it is not distributed automatically due to algorithm barriers. So this can cause fewer viewers to see the content, so that sales turnover does not increase. Therefore, maximize WhatsApp to increase the sales turnover that is being carried out.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

The WhatsApp application has two versions, namely normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. So for some people the WhatsApp Business application is not a foreign thing.

Not a few people also think that by installing WhatsApp Business and then uploading the product on WhatsApp status, it means that they have done WhatsApp marketing even though it is only a small part. WhatsApp marketing is an activity to make optimal use of the features provided by WhatsApp Business for promotion and sales purposes.

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Sales Turnover With WhatsApp

How to Increase Sales Turnover With WhatsApp

Contact Number and Install WhatsApp Business

The mobile operator number or card number is the first thing you must have before using WhatsApp Business. Try the number that will be used for WhatsApp Business is different from personal WhatsApp. In addition, do not change WhatsApp numbers, because it will hinder the marketing of the product that will be run. Therefore, make sure to use a permanent WhatsApp number for the business you are running.

After that, please download the WhatsApp Business application which is available on the Play Store or App Store for free. After the application is installed, then register. Using WhatsApp Business compared to regular WhatsApp, of course, has advantages because WhatsApp Business has features for business purposes so it looks more professional.

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Sales Turnover With WhatsApp

Complete the WhatsApp Business Profile

In completing this profile, you can start by uploading a profile photo that represents the business that is being run. Then fill in a clear and accurate description of the business so that when customers enter the profile section, they will get an idea of ​​what business is being run. In the address section, you can fill in in detail and also provide a map point where the business is located. This can make it easier for customers who want to come to the business location directly. Also fill in the label section to explain what business is being run.

In addition, provide information regarding the opening and closing times of the business that is being run. Try to fill this time correctly, don’t charge it 24 hours when in fact it doesn’t operate within 24 hours. Because this can be inconvenient for customers who may come directly to the place of business in the middle of the night.

Create an Attractive Product Catalog

When someone asks for a product that is being sold, they can send a link to the catalog of the product being sold. In WhatsApp Business, a feature for the catalog has been provided, so you can upload products and provide detailed descriptions.

Usually people are attracted to something that looks interesting in the photos uploaded when selling. Therefore, when uploading product photos in the catalog, do not be careless, but must pay attention to several things, such as being made with good lighting, and a good product layout. In addition, you should not only upload product photos, you can also upload specifications and chat testimonials from the products being sold.

Expand Contacts

In addition to profiles and business catalogs that look professional to attract customers. The most important thing to increase sales turnover is to increase WhatsApp contacts.

This is a challenge because in this application it is only connected to contacts who save each other’s contact numbers. In order for our sales turnover to increase through WhatsApp, of course we have to market our products to many people. This is so that our products are known to many people, doing promotions with minimal costs until the products are sold.

There are several ways that can be used to add WhatsApp contacts, for example by adding a WhatsApp number to the logo section that is uploaded in the profile photo section, and if you market products on social media platforms other than WhatsApp, then direct all customer chats to WhatsApp.

In addition, by increasing the group can also increase the number of contacts. By holding free monitoring in accordance with the products to be sold.

Prepare attractive promotions by making posters, by giving some requirements for registrants, for example asking them to share the posters they made and save your contact number.

Then promote it, with promotions that are in accordance with the target market, for example through relevant Facebook groups or other online forums. Direct registration on WhatsApp, save their contacts to be included in WhatsApp groups.

After that as an admin, you can ask them to save the admin number to make it easier to give and make a WhatsApp group with only admins who can send messages. In groups share educational content related to the business that is being run and useful for them.

Avoid buying a contact number, this is because if you contact the contact and immediately carry out a promotion, it is possible that the WhatsApp Business number will be blocked.

Maximize All Features

In WhatsApp Business there are several other features that can be maximized. These features are very supportive of sales, in the ordering feature there are three parts, namely opening messages, messages outside of working hours and instant messages.

So with this ordering feature it will give the impression of a fast response to the customer. There are chat marker labels to stay organized, for example by labeling new customers, customers who have transferred money, customers whose orders have been completed so as not to be confused.

Chat Techniques

With a lot of contacts and promotions, there will be many customers who will ask for the product for a more detailed explanation or even buy the products offered directly. The speed of replying to chats, in online buying and selling applications, is one of the performance scores of a store.

Therefore, you must always serve customers quickly by taking advantage of the ordering feature on WhatsApp. Always master the conversation as a seller by asking questions. For example, “Is there anything I can help you with?”, “Which brother do you want to buy?”.

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Don’t ask questions in two different directions like “so buy or not?”. Make customers feel the need for the products offered, for example “want to buy one or two?”. Offer promos by giving statements such as “limited products and discounts only valid for now” or “buy 2 get 1 discount promo”.

Give a surprise after the product is sold to the customer, such as “because you have bought my product, for the next product, you will get free shipping”, so that the customer will buy the product again.

Those are some ways to increase sales turnover with WhatsApp. Always be consistent so that the products sold continue to increase and avoid spam chatting to customers.


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