Started Domain Investment Business

Domain Investment Business , Currently, the price of a standard domain name is around 100 thousand only for the .COM extension.

The price of a domain between one provider and another is of course different, for example the price of a .COM domain name is USD 15 / year.

Of course this is a cheap price, because the active period is one year.

If we count daily, Qwords friends only need to spend 398 rupiah.

How very cheap the price of the domain right?

But from this relatively small amount of money, we can multiply it many times.

The trick is to invest in a domain.

For Qwords friends who don’t know what domain investment is, in the discussion of this article we will discuss domain investment, what are the benefits and tips for starting a domain investment.

What is Domain Investment

Domain .com

Domain is like the address of a house, so the more strategic and easy to reach, the more expensive the property will be.

So it can be likened to a domain is a digital property, the better it is, the more expensive the price.

The way this domain investment works is very similar to the property business.

You need to choose domain names that have the potential to increase in price in the next few years.

So here your instincts need to be tested, because if you buy the wrong domain, you can’t sell it.

As a result, you will only be charged an annual renewal fee for the domain name.

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Domain Investment Business

How Profitable is Domain Investment?

If you’re not sure about the results, we already have some domains that sell for very high prices.

You just need to know how to find, promote and sell domains.

You can start this domain investment small first, you can buy several potential domains first.

So if there is one domain that sells, then fortunately it can be used for domain name renewal fees.

If there are still leftovers, then you can add to your list of investment domains.

So if someone asks how much profit is the domain investment? The answer is very, very lucky.

For example, the domain name that was revealed had a selling price of 87,2 million dollars.

If we exchange the price of the domain, it is around 12 billion more.

Of course a very fantastic number not for a .COM domain name with four characters.

In addition, here are several lists of domain names with no less expensive prices, such as: – $ 49.7 million – $ 35.6 million – $ 35 million – 30.18 million dollars – $ 30 million – 18 million dollars – 17 million dollars – $ 16 million – 9.99 million euros dollars – 13 million dollars
How the price is very expensive not for the above domains?

There are still several lists of other domain names that have prices that are not inferior to the list above.

Not to mention the sale of domain names that are carried out directly between the seller and the buyer so that the price is not published.

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Tips For Starting Domain Investment
So for those of you who are interested in starting to learn domain investment, here we have prepared some domain investment tips.

Trends and market research

Graph Google Trends Digital Marketing

You have to be observant with trends in market needs at all times.

The goal is that you know the domain names that will be trends in the near future.

Always be observant to see the latest news, latest events and trends.

The easiest way is to use Google Trends or you can also look at news information from online media.

Missing trends for a moment, the opportunity will be lost.

Choose a top level domain

The most salable domains for sale are domains with the .COM extension.

.COM was chosen because it is the domain with the largest users in the world today.

This domain can be used by users from any country and this extension is very familiar for the name of a domain.

In addition, you can invest in local extension domains, for example .ID.

The local domain was chosen because you can more freely find out trends and developments in information in the country you live in.

Avoid trademark -related domains
In order not to get into problems in the future, then you need to avoid domains that have trademarks.

Examples of these domains are the names of companies that are used for their business.

If you buy a domain with the same name but different extensions, it’s a trademark violation.

You can invest in other domain names, the opportunities are still very wide open.

Promote domain

Promotion strategy

So that your investment domain can be known by many people, then you can start to promote some of your saved domains.

Allocate special funds to start domain promotion by using paid traffic or SEO.

Have a portfolio website

Don’t forget to maximize domain name sales, you can take advantage of a portfolio website .

This portfolio was chosen for those of you who are looking for domain name buyers using advertising or organic media.

How have you started to understand the tips for starting to invest in a domain name to generate greater profits?

Now you can use Qwords as a reliable domain name provider partner.

There are lots of domain name extensions that you can choose and make as an investment.

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