Definition of Search Engine Marketing

UQWO – In this digital era, there is a lot of important information that needs attention.

Especially for those of you who have a business in the digital world or want to compete in the digital era.

Of course you don’t want a business that has been built for a long time to go bankrupt or not go according to plan.

If so, you need a good marketing strategy in the technology era. An example of a marketing strategy that can be tried is search engine marketing.

This marketing strategy if used properly can make the business you develop grow rapidly and become more competitive.

No wonder many parties are hunting for this marketing strategy.

Well, before using this digital era marketing strategy, you must understand the information further so that the results are good and promising.

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Understanding Search Engine Marketing

Actually what is search engine marketing?

In fact, the marketing strategy, also known as SEM google , can be interpreted as buying special traffic by paying for search engines.

So a marketer can do bidding for keywords or keywords according to what they want.

What is the purpose of this bidding process? So that everyone who is looking for a certain keyword can find and choose the website/ad they have created.

If you search for certain keywords in a search engine such as “selling cheap hosting”, at the very top you will find various names of domain hosting companies.

Well, this company name is an example of using a marketing strategy.

There are many different formats for SEM that can be used.Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing

The most popular and well-known examples are in the form of text and also PLAs ( Product Listing Ads/Shopping Ads ).

For the text format usually use Google Adwords, Yahoo Gemini and Bing.

Compared to others, Google Adword is more popular because it is widely used by Google users.

No wonder because it is considered very easy, there is a special guide and is suitable for use by all beginners or beginners.

Not only through the website, SEM also displays advertisements in applications that have collaborated with advertisers.

So when visitors enter your website, not all of them will make a product purchase.

This is the reason why Google will display advertisements on websites or applications that visitors have visited afterwards.

In this way, you can maintain buying intent so that it increases their desire to buy the products you have. So what is the difference between SEM and SEO ?

If you ask the difference, the two are different in terms of payment.

You who use SEM must pay to search engines, such as Bing, Google or Yahoo for each ad you have.

In contrast to SEO which does not need to incur additional costs for search engines.

SEO is optimization so that the website can appear on the first page of Search Engines.

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Example of Search Engine Marketing
Google Ads
After knowing SEM well, you should know what this example of using search engine marketing looks like. Examples are already widely available on search engines.

You just enter keywords or keywords only. After that the search results will appear on Google.

You can see the top row with the names of shops or certain website advertisements with the words ‘Ads/Ads’.Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing

This is a real use of SEM in the internet marketing world.

So what is the use of search engine marketing? Why is SEM important for your marketing business? For this problem, you can check the following discussion:

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

  1. Can increase conversion
    In the points mentioned earlier, search engine marketing is the part that can drive and focus on conversions.

Compared to SEO which focuses on organic traffic on various popular and business-relevant keywords, SEM goes even further.

The reason is that it gives target keywords that are generally more specific and more detailed than SEO.

In SEM you can use a wider variety of keywords and have more accurate purchase intentions.

This makes the visitors who enter the website more specifically increase.

In other words, the conversion rate of the website that you create is better and higher than just using SEO.

  1. Increase brand awareness
    Increase Brand Awareness
    Increase Brand Awareness
    Not only increasing conversions, the use of SEM is also good for increasing brand awareness.

Based on research conducted by Google, SEM can increase brand awareness higher, which is up to 80% compared to using SEO or other products.

Even if they don’t get clicked, people can still see ads in the search results they find.

This makes visitors remember more about what brand or brand you have when they are looking for certain keywords or something similar.

Not only that, the ads that you have also appear on applications or websites that have worked with Google before.

so that the product you have is more popular than other products that do not use SEM.

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  1. The cost of use can be adjusted according to each budget
    Placing ads on big companies like Google may for some people who don’t really understand it will cost a lot of money.

Naturally, because Google is a well-known and large company in the world.

In fact, you can use search engine marketing with advertising costs that are tailored to your individual budget.

There are many package options that can be tailored to the budget you previously had. Those of you who have a mediocre budget can choose a cheaper package.

Vice versa, those of you who have a large budget can choose a more expensive package for more satisfying results.

By choosing a package that suits your finances, you don’t have to be afraid to use SEM.

But it’s a good idea to buy a good package as well so that the results received are maximized.

After all, if the search engine marketing that you have is good and promising, your income can increase compared to before.

  1. Very effective to reach local customers in a country
    Local Ads Optimization
    Local Ads Optimization
    If you have target marketing local customers, using search engine marketing is more promising than physical promotions.

No wonder it has a higher conversion rate. This SEM makes it possible to target an audience closer to your company.

For example, you have a physical store, of course SEM will recommend visitors to buy a store in the closest place.

So no wonder search engine marketing can be the most ideal choice to target local customers. The choice of keywords can also be adjusted according to your wishes.

For example, cheap hosting in Indonesia, the best hosting provider in Jakarta or so on.

As a result, your business will enter the ranks of the top search results in search engines.

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