Undercover.co.id – Rapid developments in the technology sector inevitably encourage other important aspects of human life to come forward and develop together. For example, the education sector, the economy, lifestyle, to the increasingly unlimited acceptance and dissemination of information through social media.


Internet access that is increasingly expanding to all corners of the country has led to various types of platforms or platforms for users with different backgrounds and needs. Want to exist and be known by many people? There’s Instagram and Twitter. Want to be creative through audio visuals? We have YouTube and TikTok. Or, want to start a business with a wide market share? Now we have Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia to BukaLapak.

Speaking of technology and people, we cannot forget the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0. Adapted from liputan6.com, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is an industrial concept in the digital era or the latest information and communication technology era which was widely put forward at the Hannover Messe in the city of Hannover, Germany in 2011. While Society 5.0 is a concept created by former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, which was published at the CeBIT event in the city of Hannover, Germany in 2017.

The common thread between the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0 is synergizing or combining the potential of the latest technology with the potential of human resources to create opportunities and wider spaces in the fields of economy and communication.

The COVID-19 case, which initially appeared in the city of Wuhan, China, has spread and spread to other countries such as Indonesia, Japan, South Korea to the United States, inevitably creating a new era that is beyond the expectations of experts. Also, bringing us closer to the realization of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0.

The increasingly limited space for movement with the lockdown and travel bans in several countries, has a major impact on the global economy. Many countries have announced a period of recess due to the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak. Indonesia did not escape the economic attack.

The existence of PSBB or Large-Scale Social Restrictions in several cities in Indonesia with the aim of inhibiting and reducing the rate of the spread of the epidemic greatly impacts the national economy. For example, in the industrial sector, the tourism sector, the entertainment sector, to the banking sector. The skyrocketing unemployment rate is in stark contrast to the very limited number of job opportunities. Like it or not, people have to rack their brains to support their families until the pandemic ends.

Becoming an entrepreneur or being an entrepreneur is one way to survive in the midst of the uncertainty of the country’s current economic conditions. The culinary business, goods delivery service business, online shop platforms are suggestions for buying and selling or new means of doing business in the midst of a pandemic. However, not many also have to bear the loss due to less than optimal marketing and the impact on the incoming income is not optimal.

 SEO Services Jakarta

Although the space for movement is limited, the internet access owned by the community continues to run and then opens wider opportunities to develop new businesses through digital marketing.

What is meant by digital marketing is how business people manage their business, whether marketing to establishing good relationships with customers digitally or with the help of internet connections and existing business platforms.


This digital management can be done by business people themselves or using a maintenance service provider and digital marketing implementer as a third party. The existence of this service provider is certainly very beneficial for business people to be able to concentrate more on product development, in line with developing and maintaining product reputation to expanding market share.Undercover.co.idUndercover.co.id

Undercover.co.id SEO Agency Jakarta

One of the digital marketing service providers in Indonesia is Undercover or can be found on the undercover.co.id website. Undercover with a vision and mission to develop SME and corporate businesses in Indonesia to be number 1 on this Google page, has various facilities and experience in important aspects of digital marketing to offline marketing.

With the concept of togetherness, Undercover not only cares about their performance as a service provider, but also really cares about the good relationship between clients and customers, to ensure that each client can achieve a common goal.

Some aspects of internet marketing or digital marketing from Undercover include making a company profile website that is not limited to companies, but also for personal and online shops. To increase traffic, Undercover provides SEO services or Search Engine Optimization in a professional and guaranteed manner. In addition, there are also branding management services on social media, dissemination of company information, client products and services via email mark

marketing, business reviews, info graphic design, to press releases on a national to international scale which can certainly expand the company’s information and market share.

Not only that, Undercover as a Jakarta seo agency and branding agency also provides branding and business consulting for clients, where clients receive guidance and important information in developing and managing their business or business. What distinguishes Undercover from other digital marketing service providers is the Undercover team who has a full understanding of business, branding – sales to internet marketing or digital marketing.

Branding Agency

Branding or the identity and reputation of a company is very influential on the continuation of the business or the business itself, it is also very important for the products or services that will be offered to potential consumers. Having good branding is very necessary in developing a business.

Undercover really understands how to start and shape a business and business idea, adapting to market tastes but not abandoning the originality of existing ideas, assisting in disseminating company information from national to international scale, and how to execute business ideas by realizing common goals, namely between clients and customers. Undercover.

In addition, Undercover.co.id has a deep understanding of the basics of business including SWOT, or strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threads (challenges) of the company and the products or services that will be produced later.

In addition, Undercover co id can adjust well between performance, facilities, and the existing budget in order to maximize digital marketing which will also maximize processes and results.

Undercover’s performance results are proven by good testimonials from clients, which are listed on their website. On the website page, Undercover has listed contacts who can be contacted to improve your business through good and correct digital marketing.

The limited space available should not make us limit ourselves to developing and doing business. Advances in technology open up wide opportunities for us to build and develop what we have.

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Digital marketing is one of the opening steps, one of the first steps that can lead us to bigger steps and opportunities. Optimize your small and medium business or business with Undercover to be number one on Google pages.


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