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P9.IS – Digital Marketing for Franchise Business , Franchise or franchise is a term that may be familiar. Although familiar, but there are still many who still do not know more about the franchise.

The franchise is defined as a right or license granted by a company or franchisor to an individual or franchisee to market and/or trade products and services in a certain area. As a franchise business relationship has three components according to the Federal Trade Commission, namely the use of the same name or trademark, the existence of significant operating assistance or control and payments required by the franchisee.

In addition to knowing the plan, how to develop, and the location of the franchise business. It is also important to know the benefits and tips for selling via digital marketing for a franchise business.

Franchise Business Plan

When you are going to build a franchise business, you must determine a plan to choose the type of franchise to be chosen. There are many types of franchises that you can choose from including business service providers, travel agents, convenience stores, educational franchises, health establishments, home health care providers, entertainment franchises, pet care businesses and real estate.

How to Develop a Franchise Business

After determining the type of franchise that will be run, there are several ways to develop a franchise business, namely as follows.

Digital Marketing for Franchise Business: Build a Strong Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation actually comes from customers. If customers like what you provide, then they encourage their friends and family to use your product or service. If you provide them with unparalleled customer service then you will build a good relationship with the customer.

Therefore, make sure that your franchise provides outstanding customer service.

If a franchisee offers poor customer service it will damage your company’s reputation. So you, as a franchise owner, should have the right to take back an underperforming office to protect the brand and its customer relationships.

If your goal is to be the best, then setting high standards is very important. Meeting high standards can inspire passion about the brand and build sales.

Build a Good Business Track Record

When you build a brand, you create a vision. In order for the vision to be realized, it is necessary to set goals. This has to do with building relationships which is part of the process. This relationship is shared between the franchisee and your company’s employees.

In helping franchises meet their goals, they need to understand their role. When you reach or exceed your goals, celebrate openly with them. Encourage them personally to achieve a wish. Setting these goals can help you build a track record of a successful business.


Offering promotions is a joy and generates buzz about a brand. In order for the promotion to be effective, the promotion offered must be unique. This promotion can be done by utilizing digital marketing.

Location of Franchise Business Opening

The location for opening a franchise business cannot be done at random. Must pay attention to several things in order to help develop a franchise business. Here are some things to consider for the location of the franchise opening.

Find the Right City

Look for cities that not only have a larger population, when figuring out where to franchise. But also one that has experienced steady population growth over the past few years. Stable population growth is often associated with a strong economy, so franchises can develop at your own pace.

Pay Attention to Costs

Often faced with the case of saving money by renting a location that is not very accessible or requires a more expensive location with a shop location on a busy street. When figuring out what a location is, these are two things you have to deal with. A good franchisor will offer support in finding a good lease and even with helping negotiate a lease.

Accessibility and Exposure

We recommend choosing a location that is easily accessible so as not to have problems attracting potential customers. Additionally, a support strategy targets growing businesses, which means areas with lots of locally owned businesses are a good choice, such as downtown areas.

Benefits and Tips for Selling Via Digital Marketing for Franchise Business

The most important thing in running a business is marketing. Marketing of this franchise business can be done digitally. There are several platforms that can be used for franchise businesses, namely as follows.

Local SEO

The benefit of local SEO is that it can help your franchise rank higher in online search results so it can reach more local customers. Often people use Google Maps in finding locations, so this local SEO must be utilized. This useful thing is the key. And it can help more searchers. There are several tips that you can do, namely.

• Keyword research.
• Develop a clear site structure.
• Create original content that targets your location.
• Ensure that your name, address and telephone information are consistent across internet listings.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid advertising strategy that allows you to pay a fee to the advertising service provider for each click on an ad. The benefit of pay per click advertising is as a promotion through advertising on the internet by setting a budget, and will only pay when visitors click on your ad.

In addition, these pay-per-click ads also work quickly, so they can quickly increase website traffic and revenue for your franchise. Some tips for marketing through pay-per-click advertising are as follows.

• Keyword research.
• Organize keywords into ad groups and ad groups into promotional platforms.
• Create high quality ads.
• Optimize landing pages, when people click on your ads.
• Evaluate and optimize your promotions.

Content Marketing

The most effective strategy for generating leads online. Starting from posting articles on websites, photos and videos. Some of the benefits of content creation are that customers feel more positive about the company after reading custom content, customers easily read about brands that interest them, and customers can search for products after reading the content. Some tips in creating content are.

• Create written content, photos and videos that are relevant to the franchise business.
• Use visual content to attract customers.
• Upload content on a scheduled basis.
• Promote on social media.

Social media

A great way to reach and develop relationships with new customers is through social media. The benefit of social media is to encourage dialogue with current and potential customers and give them the information they need to take the next step with your franchise. Tips for promotion on social media are as follows.

• Use business accounts and update your business info on social media pages.
• Add high quality visuals to your posts.
• Use a caption or description with a short story.
• Encourage dialogue with customers through captions and comments.
• Use analytical tools to measure engagement on social media.

Web design

As a home when opening an offline store, web design has an important role in digital marketing. Because the website can be the first interaction between franchisees and potential customers.

The benefits of web design can send positive signals to search engines, and allow visitors to find the information they need to contact or visit your franchise. Tips for using the website as marketing.

• Include the franchise brand and logo.
• Provide a clear profile.
• Use a responsive and user-friendly design.
• Include a clear call to action.

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    E-Mail Marketing

    E-mail marketing is the use of e-mail in marketing efforts to promote a product that is sold online to encourage loyalty from consumers. One of the benefits is that you can provide people with important information about your franchise and develop relationships that drive them to become customers. E-Mail marketing tips are as follows.

    • E-Mail marketing tools.
    • Create an E-Mail list.
    • Segmentation.
    • Create interesting content.
    • Optimize E-Mail sending.
    • Strategy evaluation.

    Online Reputation Management

    Online reputation management can help you manage online reviews to improve your company’s status among Internet users. Since people use the internet to research and read reviews before buying a product, it’s important to respond to reviews, maintain a positive outlook, and show potential customers that you are a reputable franchise. Tips for online reputation management are as follows.

    • Make reviews accessible and strive to reply to reviews.
    • Monitor business listings on sites like Google My Business and Yelp.
    • If there are problematic customer reviews, find solutions and stay positive.

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