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Free SEO Knowledge For SME Entrepreneurs, Want?

agency digital undercover.co.id Search Engine Optimization, or better known as SEO is now a phenomenon and booming in the midst of Indonesia’s rampant promotion of digitization for all Indonesian people.

SEO agencies in Jakarta are also mushrooming, both those who have previous experience, or those who have just emerged, follow their seniors.

What is SEO?

In short, it is to make the company’s website be on page #1 of Google, by applying the guidelines provided by Google’s own guidelines

SEO knowledge is important for SMEs in developing their business, in the midst of digital competition like today.

Facts that are happening in today’s digital world

“Indonesia remains the largest internet economic market in Southeast Asia and is a major competition for technology platforms. Therefore, they are very ready to be the main driver of digital innovation in this area, “said Cannarsi in the e-Conomy SEA Report in 2020.

Seeing the size of the SME market in the digital world today, of course, SME entrepreneurs must be able to adapt to technological advances.

undercover.co.id SEO AGENCY JAKARTA

Jave from undercover.co.id SEO Agency said, in the context of corporate CSR, undercover.co.id provides free SEO training services for SMEs. This activity will be carried out every month for 30 SMEs every month.

In providing material, the selected SMEs will be involved in direct seo practice in the Zoom Meeting session which takes place 1x a week for 1 month.

“Basic SEO materials cover onpage SEO and offpage SEO , such as choosing the right keywords, creating high-quality content according to Google standards, and creating ethical link building ,” he said.

UKM entrepreneurs who are interested in getting this seo knowledge can register via email to info@undercover.co.id.

Later, grouping will be done in a Zoom session. There will be 30 SME entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia per group.

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The results of the training from 2020 have produced hundreds of SME entrepreneurs who are digitally literate and seo literate , and have developed into a digital SME business forum under the direction of the digital agency undercover.co.id.

Besides participating in this digital training, SME entrepreneurs also create networking , thus further expanding their business network.

undercover.co.id SEO Agency hopes that SME entrepreneurs can improve their abilities, so they can compete in the domestic and international markets.