What Is SEO & How Important Is It For Websites?

P9IS -What Is SEO, If you do a search on the Google search engine by entering certain keywords, you will see a list of websites that are relevant to the keywords you wrote.

The higher the ranking, the more relevant it is to the keywords you are looking for.

Google displays search results on the first page of the search, the number varies, generally there are 6-10 websites depending on the keywords you write and the number of ads.

Now it all depends on your agency SEO optimization on the website, the better the ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The Google search engine ranks the website not only randomly, but there are many SEO factors that affect website rankings on search engine pages.

Before further discussion of Search Engine Optimization, it is good that you need to understand what SEO is and its history in full.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization is an effort made to optimize a website in order to get a top ranking in search engines.

By getting a top ranking in search engines, you will get more website traffic so that your website is increasingly known.

In addition, with SEO, you will get website traffic according to the purpose of the website being created.

So by having this much and targeted traffic, you can use it further for just sharing information, branding, increasing trust, selling and other methods of making money.

The search engine in this case Google uses certain algorithms in determining website rankings, even Google’s algorithm is always updated every day.

By implementing good and correct SEO, you need to adjust to the latest Google algorithm so that you can easily get page one rankings.

For that you need to learn SEO properly and correctly, so that in the future you can survive in the Google SERPs.

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What Is SEO

SEO History

Historically, SEO first appeared on July 26, 1997 through spam messages posted on Usenet.

At this time search engine algorithms are not as complex as they are today so they are easy to manipulate.

According to Danny Sullivan, founder of Search Engine Land, ancient search engine algorithms in determining website rankings were based on meta tags and HTML code used on websites.

Meta tags contain information contained in a website page with certain keywords.

At that time, many website owners were cheating by entering keywords that were not appropriate, so that the search results in the SERP did not match what the user was looking for.

Semrush Algoritma Update Sensor

This is the concern of search engines to carry out a series of search algorithm updates so that the results that appear are relevant and of high quality.

Two computer science doctoral students from Stanford University Larry Page and Sergey Brin solved the search engine algorithm problem by building Backrub.

Backrub is a simple search engine that uses a mathematical calculation called “PageRank” to rank website pages. This is the forerunner of the birth of Google until now.

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What Is SEO

What Is SEO and How SEO Works

SEO works by using robotic algorithms to determine which websites deserve to occupy the top positions in the Google search engine.

Google has metrics which can determine the ranking of a website.

Google also always updates its algorithm throughout the day, sometimes there are some major algorithm updates that can affect the SERP.

The purpose of this algorithm update is to make Google search results relevant to user needs.

So that your website is always safe and not affected by Google’s algorithm updates, you can use the right SEO techniques.

True here is in accordance with the recommendations of Google, do not use techniques that Google prohibits.

SEO Indicator

There are several standard SEO indicators that you can use as a benchmark in SEO optimization.

This indicator, if you have done everything, it is not impossible that your website can compete on the SERP of Google’s first page.

Here are important indicators in SEO:

URL Structure

A good URL structure in SEO is a short structure according to the topic being discussed.

This short URL structure will be easier for website visitors to remember.

In addition, a good URL structure is one that contains the target keyword.

Example: If you create an article with the title “5 Easiest Ways to Make Good Articles”, then a good URL is domainname.com/cara-make-articles .

What Is SEO

SSL certificate

Google has started requiring all websites to use SSL.

SSL can guarantee a website can be more secure because all communications that occur are encrypted.

So no malicious parties can steal important data from the website.


There is a saying that “Content is King”, so content is the king of SEO.

It’s true, good content can definitely rank on page one of Google.

Good content is complete and easy to read, the discussion is not muddled around so that what visitors are looking for is not found.

To be able to create good and interesting content, you need flying hours and good writing skills.

Search Intent

Search intent is according to user needs.

Before writing, make sure the intent the user is looking for matches the writing you are about to create.

Not necessarily long articles can win with short articles, if the search intent is not appropriate.

Content Structure

A good content structure will make it easier for readers to understand what you write.

For that you can separate them by providing headings and subheadings for the discussion of different material.

You can also add images, illustrations, videos and other media to create interesting content.

Internal Link

Internal links are links between articles on one website.

The function of this internal link is to make it easier for search engines to index the pages on the website.

Internal links can also be a contributor to traffic from visitors on the website.

What Is SEO

Alt Image

Alt image is to give a name to each image.

The goal is to make it easier for Google to index images.

Alt image is also important for SEO, especially optimization on Google Image.

Try to use images and alt images that are still relevant to the content you write.


Meta contains the target keyword and also a brief description of your content in the Google SERP.

For that you need to make this meta with more interesting writing so that it can bring in more visitors.

This website meta optimization can greatly affect the CTR of the website.


Backlinks are still one of the important indicators in SEO.

A good backlink is a quality backlink that is relevant to the content we create.

By getting backlinks from websites with high credibility, your website ranking will indirectly increase.

Website Speed

Finally, an important SEO indicator is website speed.

Why optimize SEO if your website speed is slow.

People will leave because they can’t wait for a slow website to load, causing a high bounce rate.

SEO techniques

In SEO, there are two types of SEO, namely On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Both are equally important and have a relationship with each other.

In the previous discussion about the difference between SEO and SEM , SEO On Page is like the vegetable and Off Page is like the salt, both complement each other. So, here’s a complete discussion of SEO:

SEO On Page

On Page SEO are website optimization steps that are carried out on your own website.

The essence of On Page SEO is the quality of the content, no longer how many keywords are on the page.

The essence of implementing SEO On Page on the website is as follows:

  • Useful content for website visitors
  • Website navigation makes it easy for visitors
  • Visitors feel comfortable to linger on the website
  • Website is easy for search engines to understand
  • Search engines can assess website visitor satisfaction from these 4 SEO indicators, the higher the bounce rate value means the worse the website is.
  1. SEO Off Page
    Off Page SEO is a technique for optimizing a website from outside the website. An easy picture of you providing a link / link from another website to your website.

With so many incoming links, Google will judge your website useful.

But what needs to be considered is that incoming links must be natural, not links that are intentionally made to optimize the website.

Google also assesses not the number of incoming links, but how quality the link is.

The Importance of SEO For Websites

SEO WordPress

SEO is now something that must be done for you website owners.

Especially now that website competition on the Google search page is not easy, there are lots of other website competitors who carry out SEO strategies.

It should also be noted that SEO is suitable for all website needs, whether it’s just a company profile to even a business.

For that you need to understand the importance of implementing SEO for website purposes. Here’s the discussion:

Your business is easy to find

The main goal of SEO is to make websites easy to find, whether it’s by searching for keywords or being on the first page of search engines.

That way your business website will be easier to find and be known by many people.

Website traffic increases

Appearing on the first page of a Google search will have the effect of more and more visitors coming to the website.

Of course you need to do SEO optimization in terms of On Page and Off Page SEO.

It should also be noted that your website is ready for the upcoming traffic so it doesn’t go down.

Search engine for information sources

Now everyone is looking for any information relying on the Google search engine.

Data in Indonesia is currently around 75% more people search for all information through Google, some even call him “Mbah Google” because he knows all the information that everyone is looking for.


The easier it is to find, the more people will know your business.

You can do branding by providing useful information plus soft selling your business to make it more known to everyone.

Credibility increases

The easier your website is found in search engines, the credibility of your website will automatically increase.

That way people will have more confidence in your business. For more details, you can read the previous article about the benefits of having a website for business.

Easy to get conversion

Well the last one is easy to get conversions. If your SEO goal is to do business, the organic traffic that comes from SEO is targeted traffic.

This means that people who come to your website are people who need the goods and services that you have.

For that you can add a Call to Action to get sales conversions from website visitors.


Well, that’s the discussion about knowing what SEO is and how important it is for a website, if you ask it is important or not, the answer is very important.

Please do your website optimization with SEO both On Page and Off Page.

To make it more leverage, it can be added by using a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy to bring in paid traffic.

For those of you who don’t currently have a website, we have recommendations for WordPress Hosting or Cheap Hosting Services for your website needs.

Using WordPress will make it easier for you to do SEO optimization for your website.

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